Election 2020; A Declaration of War


Don’t believe a thing you’re hearing or seeing from the network and cable news stations regarding the presidential election. Dismiss totally what liberal newspapers are printing and social media fact-wreckers posing as checkers are saying. You’ve been lied to, you’re being lied to and will continue to be lied to by these entities in what amounts to an overwhelming psychological operations campaign. Their goal is to confuse, fatigue and discourage you into accepting that Joe Biden has defeated President Trump. He hasn’t. Biden has won nothing. The false claims of a Biden victory amidst a backdrop of numerous instances of voter fraud, is to be expected. I and several others have been warning about this eventuality for months. Now it’s here.

There’s no other purpose for mail-in voting, Election Day voter registration and absentee balloting (with the exception of those serving our nation overseas) than vote fraud. When voting regulations require you show up physically at the polls on Election Day with valid identification and signature verification, the instances of fraudulent votes being cast is greatly reduced. There’s no discrimination towards anyone when rules apply equally to everyone. Our only concern should be to make the elections fair and accurate. If such requirements are too much of an inconvenience for someone to vote, then don’t vote. It’s as simple as that. The sanctity of an election trumps nonsensical claims of possible voter disenfranchisement. That said, where was the Republican opposition to election theft when Democrats were pushing through fraud-friendly voting options?

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” — Abraham Lincoln, Lyceum Address

The mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Remember the Russian collusion that President Trump was supposedly involved in during the 2016 election? All baseless lies put forth for political effect. Now these same discredited “news” sources are declaring that there’s no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections and Biden has won. Allow me to set your mind at ease, media projections don’t decide election outcomes. The Electoral College does based on legitimate vote counts. They meet December 14, 2020. What happens between now and then determines the election. If fraud is allowed to stand, then your being able to vote becomes a meaningless exercise. This should concern you regardless of political affiliation.

Multiple federal lawsuits have been filed regarding “voting irregularities” (a nice legal wording for voter fraud) perpetrated in a number of states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona. Examples of illegality in Democrat-ran cities and states are numerous. In Michigan a poll worker in Antrim County discovered a voting machine “glitch” that changed 6000 votes from President Trump to Biden. How many more as yet undiscovered “glitches” occurred elsewhere? In a number of states President Trump was leading comfortably the night of the election. With percentages of the total votes cast and counted getting into the eighties and nineties percent range, vote counting mysteriously stopped. Overnight hundreds of thousands of additional votes appeared, miraculously all for Biden. Wonder of wonders, many were discovered with no down-ballot voting, just votes for Biden.

Places like heavily democratic Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, coming in at 99% of precincts reporting and Trump in the lead statewide by five percentage points, overnight dropped their precincts reporting to 33% as more ballots were suddenly dumped into the system. Again, all for Biden to a tune of an overall five point seven percent shift statewide. President Trump received no votes, none, from this new influx of ballots. Biden allegedly won Wisconsin by point seven of one percent margin, or twenty thousand votes. In Philadelphia, Republican poll watchers and election challengers were either barred from entry into the vote-counting center or those admitted were prohibited from observing the ballots being tabulated. Both of these instances are blatant violations of election laws. When the matter was brought before the court, a judge ordered the Republicans be given their lawful access. The Democrat sheriff refused to enforce the judicial decision. Instead, windows were covered so nobody outside could observe what was happening as to vote tabulations. Even some Democrats decried the blatant fraud taking place.

“This is a Coup against The President of The United States of America.” — Brian McCaffrey, registered democrat observer in Philadelphia 

President Trump’s substantial lead in Pennsylvania became a deficit. Go figure.

Most states require mail-in ballots to be postdated by Election Day. There are sworn statements of people observing undated and therefore illegal ballots being postmarked after the fact. In Philadelphia, democrat-controlled for 60 years, there’s a long history of professional level, systemic vote fraud. But why stop there when you have a complicit democrat governor and majority state Supreme Court. The Pennsylvania legislature set the election laws for 2020, as is their sole authority per the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 4:

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof”

Obviously presidential elections and all others are part of the same ballot. Pennsylvania law stated all ballots would have to have been received by the close of polls on November 3rd. The democrat majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally stepped in and allowed for ballots to be received up to three days after the election. The court has no authority and zero jurisdiction to violate the US Constitution, but they did with the governor’s approval and the legislatures’ capitulation.

The burden of proof for a ballot having been legally cast resides with the election authority. If they can’t prove by proscribed lawful standards that a specific ballot is legal to be counted, then it isn’t. When ballots in contested states are forcibly extracted from sole democratic possession via federal court orders and examined, a drastic reordering of vote tallies will occur. If you think the temper tantrums on the left were a spectacle in 2016, wait until the dementia-addled, criminally corrupt traitor and his full-on communist running mate lose to President Trump in 2020. Especially after they’ve been media assured that Biden won. Civil war appears to be the outcome, one way or another. Prepare yourselves.

“Those Who Cast The Votes Decide Nothing. Those Who Count the Votes, Decide Everything” – Josef Stalin, Communist Dictator

The Democrat Party, the party of overt Marxism, has forcibly seized on this idea. They’ve purposefully planned and strategically executed a massive, multipronged election fraud to drive a lawfully-elected president from office. This goes far beyond a single election, it’s a direct attack on our form of government. Against us, we the people. There can be no conclusion other than the Democrat Party has become an organized criminal syndicate seeking the acquisition of total power by whatever means necessary. To them, like all committed socialists/communists, the ends justify the means. Concepts of morality or legality aren’t impediments. The irony is that up until now they’ve hidden their totalitarian aspirations under the cover of seeking “social justice”. Justice isn’t obtained through lying, cheating, stealing, or violating election laws. Tyranny is.

The Democrat Party and its street-level insurrectionists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, must be held accountable for their treasonous actions. In the aftermath of discovery gleaned from investigative actions, all responsible conspirators must be arrested and appropriately charged with sedition, treason, insurrection, and any other applicable crimes. That most certainly includes involved elected officials.

Democrats and their institutions have declared war on America. 

If you’ve been praying, keep doing so. If not, now would be a good time to start. I’ll forewarn you though, God will not intervene to save a nation just so it can continue on the wicked path it’s treading. Abortion, adultery, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, promotion of false religions and the myriad of other anti-God sins this nation’s committing engender His wrath, not mercy. We’ve brought this situation on ourselves through our national rebellion against Him. 

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

This verse was not written in vain. A national repentance is called for. Certainly a reordering of our personal priorities. This nation may or may not survive in the temporal moment. Ultimately it will not, ultimately neither will you. What then? Have you accepted and believed that Jesus Christ came to Earth to die for your sins, to take your place for the wrath of God that you deserve? If you have, dedicate or rededicate your life to Him. If not, a far worse fate than a Biden presidency awaits you.

When our nation’s founders besought God’s providence and intervention, they prayed diligently and unceasingly. Realize though, like our founders did, that there will come a time when you finish praying to get off your knees and take action. That’s history and that’s reality. What are you willing to risk for God and country to see your prayers answered?

Some are saying we just need to accept the media lies and move on. That’s a cowardly and unprincipled thing to say. The only power media lies have over you is what you choose to allow. Again I’ll say it, Joe Biden has won nothing. Here’s a guy who had trouble drawing 50 people to his rallies, sometimes none, while people came by the tens of thousands to see President Trump. Do you really believe a record number of citizens voted for Biden when he got fewer votes than Hillary and Obama everywhere except in democrat-controlled, fraud-riddled Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta?

Many of your friends are confused, scared or depressed by the misinformation, disinformation and outright lies bombarding them. Encourage them, share this article.

Our cause is just. We will not go quietly into the night. May God see justice served and if needs be, we be His instruments. The time for further conversation with our enemies has concluded, their opinions are, at this point, irrelevant. They’ve declared war therefore no peaceful coexistence is possible. No more compromise with evil.   

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams, US founder, patriot, Christian

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  2. Dear Mr. President,

    It appears that through hook and crook the Democrats have put their man as the 46th President. This report, if accurate, places you and your capable family/dynasty into the Opposition. Pelosi’s days i suspect that she shall not long remain Speaker of the House. The first responsibility of Government: to prevent Civil War among the American people. The GOP now shall desperately require your leadership. Expect horrid corruption, worse than under Grant, with the Biden Administration. Your campaign to re election merits full amazement and respect for your energy and drive. Four years of Democrat corruption shall bring hard times upon the American people, the minority populations in particular.

    As the leader of the GOP opposition you can possibly shape the Party that surpasses Goldwater’s influence, seeing that he never sat as a US President. I hope my country Israel shall fully support your opposition to the corrupt Democrat rule. We have a tremendous debt of gratitude to your wonderful leadership and vision. Biden most probably shall attempt to mend fences with the Europeans. But time most certainly will reveal the incompetence of this man and his Administration.

    Leading the Opposition to the Party in power obviously has its limitations. But the influence of Obama and Clinton, and the Bush family ended with their two terms as President, her 3rd major defeat, and low energy Jeb; during your first 4 yr term these once powerful folk sat, for the most part, upon the margins of the political arena. Your situation more closely resembles the Wilderness years (a reference made by Winston Churchill as a back bencher of Parliament) of Ronald Reagan. I remember the Reagan Opposition and his speeches he delivered by means of radio. Twitter, it and Facebook now serve as a hostile political format. Rush Limbaugh, he’s a dying man. You can fill his shoes and give a vision of hope to the American people. FDR with his fireside chats accomplished this during the travails of the Great Depression.

    America faces hard times. Debt, the Federal debt, has reached its crunch. The RATS have no vision how to drastically reduce the size of the American government. Better for the house of cards to collapse under their treasonous regime. American society, our civilization, faces a new Hoover, an Administration comparable to that of the insanity of the syphilis infected brain of George III. That brain dead fool caused England to lose the American colonies – thank G-d! Biden, received a lot of honest votes by silly American reactionaries. From day 1 of your Presidency the treasonous DemoRATS sought to poison your good name in the eyes of the politically uninformed within our society.

    Mr. President, famine years – perhaps comparable to the plague during Yosef’s years as 2nd in command of the government of Par’o – years of Depression fast approaches America and the entire world. In the opposition you can shine a vision of direction and leadership that you could never have done while sitting as the Head of State. America must change its course. Incompetent Biden will attempt to throw money to solve a long term, post WW2, disease: the American empire which replaced the American Republic as Center Stage. Your ‘America First’ stands up to bat, so to speak, when the political curtain falls. National Debt and perfidious Government corruption, sticks to the DemoRATS like flies on shit. Humanity remembers the vision of the prophets as they sat as the vocal opposition to the misrule and injustice imposed by the ancient kings of Israel and Yechuda.

    The prophets, these leaders did not foretell the future, rather they commanded a mussar that applies to all generations of people who make fundamental bad choices, like the American people did when they chose Biden. Please Mr. President, it’s a tuma Yatzir to permit feelings of bitterness to drive your emotions!!!!!!! A wise man separates external events from personal internal feelings. Reactionary fools assume that what they feel determines and shapes the reality they live in. The Pelosi Opposition against your Administration, her attempt to impeach you exposed an illogical ad hominem irrationalism which dominated the DemoRATS mind and clouded their judgments. The curtain’s fast coming down upon the post WW2 American ‘policeman of the planet’ empire. Your leadership at this time has the potential to far surpass the Ron Paul Opposition to the GOP in the 4 years prior to his 2nd attempt to rule as POTUS.

    Unlike Obozo, that shoe shine boy who sat in the White House for two terms of Office, you have the Constitutional Right to run again for the Office of POTUS. Once you lived the life of a businessman, but you chose to enter the field of Politicians. You have set your course not just for yourself alone but for your capable children. This defeat before a moron, a bitter pill to swallow. But humility defined the spirit of Moshe, the man who served as the servant of HaShem. Command your children that they reject the reactionary narishkeit which dominated the treasonous DemoRATS throughout your first term of Office – do not permit the feeling and emotions you feel to “form & shape” your perceptions of the American political realities. Remember that European countries opposed your Government. The Biden Administration shall foolishly attempt to re-connect America to the European economy. The Ron Paul Opposition followed the leadership taken by Andrew Jackson. As President, who has yet to rule two terms of Office, American society needs to reject the model established by the Whig Prime Minister Walpole. The issue at stake: not socialism but rather Patronage!!!! The latter political concept of leadership holds that the Central Government has a “mandate” that determines the Corporate monopolies which dominate the domestic markets of the United States.

    The Democrat Wilson, through slight of hand, succeeded in getting Congress to establish the Federal Reserve. This accomplishment did not just happen. The post Civil War governments in Washington, specifically the radical Republicans, greatly restricted Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’ in circulation and thereby concentrated wealth into the hands of the robber barons, which set the stage for Wilson’s Xmas eve passage of the Federal Reserve. The Great Depression witness again a powerful restriction of the American money supply, this time by the Federal Reserve rather than post Civil War Congress. The ensuing Depression permitted Democrat FDR to concentrate farming ownership into the hands of great Corporate monopolies. These Corporate monopolies demand huge Federal monetary support. Patronage not only establishes Corporate monopolies but the Federal bureaucracies which protect these “to big to fail” Corporate monopolies – established by the Federal Government.

    The Walpole vision of Patronage shaped all post Civil War governments in Washington to this very day!!!! Mr. President, had you won this last election, the treasonous DemoRATS would have tried to provoke a second American Civil War. The first rule of governing: prevent your Country from falling into a Civil War. You must not permit yourself or your family from letting feelings of bitterness to color your perception of current American politics!!!!! Mr. President, let the American people express our extreme bitterness against DemoRAT perfidy. You as the leader of the Opposition must never permit neither you nor your capable family of expressing reactionary bitterness and rage. The Torah commanded Aaron and his children not to publicly mourn the dead of his two eldest children. Emotions must never shape political reality.

    Best Regards,
    your faithful servant
    mosc kerr


  3. Stopped believing the MSM during the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal & have NEVER trusted them since. The Chinese bought the Clinton’s way back around 30 years ago. So what’s new?


  4. There is only freedom in CHRIST… There is nothing politicians, leaders, judges, etc. that can legislate freedom – impossible… Since they are egotists and narcissists, they will never want our peace and safety…
    America has made a fatal error in believing in flesh and blood instead of the LORD.. This place will receive major judgement and punishment because of that… Stay repentant and serve the KING. That should be every believers focus from now on….


  5. We, as a nation, are so divided that to continue to argue with Cultural Marxist
    Indoctrinated fools is futile. Clearly, the nation is divided ideologically between “red” freedom loving, America loving patriots and “blue” demoralized, “anything for free”, Marxist brainwashed, low IQ cult, America hating violent, brain damaged, miscreants.
    Yuri Besmenov said it himself: you cannot convince these demoralized masses that the sky is blue. They will not believe it until they get a swift kick to the balls.
    Unfortunately, that will not correct the brainwashing our institutions have wrought on the unsuspecting young impressionable younger generations who have swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker.
    We are heading for a confrontation between two TOTALLY opposing ideologies, Capitalism vs Communism. Many other countries have had their clashes similar to what awaits us.
    The New World Order insists all nation surrender their sovereignty and submit to Technocracy. We must stand strong and resist this EVIL that is sweeping throughout the world.
    Revelation is upon us. If it be God’s will that it be played out at this time, I guess, so be it. But I believe we have a say so in this.
    We as a people must repent of our evil national sin: 60,000,000 murdered babies, legalized perversion, lawlessness, and departing from God’s word and His will for the nation.


  6. Well I guess the votes are in from the electoral college. From what I read there is a consensus that Joe Biden will be the next president. I think President Trump still has something to say about that though. I think he’s still pursuing his lawsuits. What do you think about all that?


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