Revolution USA: No Lives Matter

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“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams, 2nd US president

We aren’t a moral and religious people, not any more. The moral slide of nearly 2 ½ centuries has brought us to this point of national suicide. The attitude’s been, “what’s the harm, everything seems to be okay, it’s not affecting me personally”. Now the day of reckoning is upon us. I don’t advocate the philosophy of libertarian atheist, Ayn Rand, but she did get this right.

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

In Rand’s case, right idea but wrong concept of what constituted reality. She died in 1982 and is suffering the very consequences that she warned others about. Forever. Rebellion against God, whatever the philosophy behind it, always bears consequences.

Speaking of which, what we’re witnessing in cities across the US isn’t a civil rights movement or peaceful protesters exercising First Amendment rights. Peaceful doesn’t include, rioting, arson, theft, assault, blocking roadways, vandalizing property, murder, and other violent lawlessness. This is what Obama’s fundamental transformation of America looks like. Actually, it could be worse.

The liberals/Marxists/globalists were so close, so very close to realizing their multi-generational plan to destroy this nation in 2016. Then God intervened with Trump and gave us a reprieve from the communist revolution running through the White House. Perhaps you’re not used to hearing the word revolution in modern context regarding this nation. To many militant leftists it’s part of their daily vernacular and has been for decades. That’s what they’re calling it right now. All they needed was a spark.

George Floyd died in Minneapolis, his death captured on video, a cop kneeling on his neck. It became the catalyst for massaged pent-up rage and fury, both with people who’ve been conditioned to believe they’re targeted for the color of their skin and the leftist revolutionaries steering the unrest. A constitutional word for this is insurrection.

Justice for George Floyd, we’re told.

The police officer responsible for George Floyd’s death has been fired, arrested and charged with second degree murder. The other three officers have been fired and charged with accessory to murder. They are black, Hispanic and Asian. White supremacists? Probably not. Criminal conduct? That’s for the court to decide. What more justice is warranted? Apparently, the tender mercies of the self-appointed lynch mobs. Note to a nation: evil is never placated by surrendering to it. It doesn’t just fade away.

The rioting in multiple cities, including Washington DC, demonstrate this isn’t about George Floyd at all. His name represents nothing more than an opportunity for violence, looting and anarchy, all revolutionary tools of the communist left. “Yeah, but Trump…” Is the president responsible for city police departments? Yet he’s somehow blamed for events occurring in lifelong Democrat jurisdictions. If racism and police brutality are systemic in cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City and the like, why haven’t the Democrats who’ve ran these cities for decades and generations done anything to end it?

The coming Antichrist is described as the man of sin, or lawlessness, in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. That spirit of lawlessness is abounding right now in our streets with law enforcement personnel ordered to stand down and let it happen. Six blocks in downtown Seattle, Washington, have been seized and occupied by domestic terrorists with the blessings of Mayor Durkan and Governor Inslee. By allowing the lawless to rampage, they’re encouraging and rewarding those fomenting violent insurrection. This is a violation of their oaths of office and is in fact, treason. Both of these illegitimate authorities should be immediately removed from office by lesser magistrates, citizens, or federal agents and charged accordingly. Elections, as Obama stated, do have consequences.

The Democrat/Communist Party has become the political wing of the unfolding revolution, aiding, abetting and defending the overt movement on one hand while relentlessly pushing the underlying anti-God liberalism through legislation and judicial activism with the other. Their propaganda arm is the mass media and entertainment industries while the public education system does the training and indoctrination, turning our kids into their foot soldiers.

Prominent amongst the street thugs are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Communist Antifa promotes the anarchy and chaos, while Black Lives Matter (BLM) justifies it, pushing the political communist “solution” to the problem they created: disbanding law enforcement, forced redistribution of wealth, destruction of capitalism, etc. BLM is not a civil rights organization nor is it concerned about innocent black lives or any lives other than their own. They’re a communist front group pure and simple, formed by three black, lesbian Marxists. This origin is not widely known. Origins reveal motives.

If BLM were truly concerned about crime and poverty amongst blacks they’d address the direct source of it, a high incidence of black babies being born into single mother homes.

“And he (Jesus) answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female (note, just two genders), And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Matthew 19:4-6)

Only within this marriage relationship are children to be born. Statistics show that if God’s plan is followed, regardless of ethnicity, the children of the marriage union generally fare far better than those kids born into a single mother home. Kids born outside of marriage have dramatically higher incidences of crime, substance abuse, incarceration, depression, suicide, poor academic performance, dropping out of school, unemployment, contracting STDs, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, needing public assistance as adults, and overwhelmingly perpetuate these same cycles with their eventual offspring by the same behavior as their parents. It is a horrible legacy of misery that unwed fathers and mothers bestow to their innocent children.

Overwhelmingly the greatest threat to black lives are other blacks, not police officers. Blacks comprise 12.3% of the population. According to FBI crime statistics, blacks commit over half of all murders with other blacks being predominantly the victims. Black males are six to eight times more likely to commit a variety of violent crimes than white or Hispanic males. These numbers aren’t due to racism or police brutality, they’re directly related to black babies being born into fatherless homes at the rate of 70 to 90% in major cities. In New York City, more black children are aborted than born alive. What’s Black Lives Matter’s solution to all of this?

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” – Black Lives Matter website, under “What We Believe”

The “Western-prescribed nuclear family” BLM opposes is specifically God’s designed family structure. By supporting the breakdown of the family, BLM actually sustains the root problem of the miseries lamented in the black community, which of course is blamed on the white establishment. In addition, BLM champions the advancement of the political sodomite agenda, fully supports the murder of babies via abortion, aligns with the overtly racist Nation of Islam, and partners with other Muslim organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a front for the terrorist groups Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood. BLM isn’t against racism, they are racists, using the concept masterfully by accusing others of being what they themselves are.

Go to the BLM website and look at “What We Believe”. Cut through the rhetoric of communist justification and see the evil they champion. A more fitting name for Black Lives Matter is “The Criminals Committee for Safer Working Conditions”.

By charter and action, one would be hard-pressed to find a more anti-Christian organization than BLM. Why then are Social Justice “Christian” leaders falling all over themselves to show solidarity with this overtly satanic movement? If there’s any doubt in your mind about the Marxist nature of Black Lives Matter, a video tweet from their co-founder should clear things up.

“The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia (Garza) in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.” — Patrisse Cullors, June 18, 2020

She should’ve said uses many, many black folk. Nothing new in communist attempts to organize blacks for race wars as part of a larger communist revolution. Former black communist leader Manning Johnson wrote “Color, Communism, and Common Sense” in 1958. Mr. Johnson had become disillusioned with the promises he’d been led to believe about communist sympathy for blacks and other “oppressed peoples”. He came to understand it was all a lie to manipulate people they cared nothing about, using blacks as expendable pawns in the war of divide and conquer.

“Stirring up race and class conflict is the basis of all discussion of the Communist Party’s work in the South. The evil genius, Stalin, and the other megalomaniacal leaders in Moscow ordered the use of all racial, economic and social differences, no matter how small or insignificant, to start local fires of discontent, conflict and revolt. “Who could tell which of these issues could start a general conflagration” that would sweep across the former Confederate States from Maryland to Texas? Black rebellion was what Moscow wanted. Bloody racial conflict would split America.” – Chapter 3, Red (communist) Plot to use Negroes, “Color, Communism, and Common Sense”

Far too many people assumed that the communist threat abated when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. This was appearance only, nothing changed but tactics. Communist China also continues to have a hand in things.

Continuing with Manning Johnson:

“White men sold white men as slaves. Black men sold black men as slaves. Black rulers are no more humane than yellow, red or white rulers. Neither are they less brutal.

The placing of the repository of everything, right and just, among the darker races is a dastardly Communist trick to use race as a means of grabbing and enslaving the whole of humanity.

Moscow’s Negro tools in the incitement of racial warfare place all the ills of the Negro at the door of the white leaders of America. Capitalism and imperialism are made symbols of oppressive white rule in keeping with instructions from the Kremlin.

To one familiar with red trickery, it is obvious that placing the blame for all the Negroes’ ills at the door of the white leaders in America is to remove all responsibility from the Negro. This tends to make the Negro:

(a) feel sorry for himself;

(b) blame others for his failures;

(c) ignore the countless opportunities around him;

(d) jealous of the progress of other racial and national groups;

(e) expect the white man to do everything for him;

(f) look for easy and quick solutions as a substitute for the harsh realities of competitive struggle to get ahead.

The result is a persecution complex—a warped belief that the white man’s prejudices, the white man’s system, the white man’s government is responsible for everything. Such a belief is the way the reds plan it, for the next logical step is hate that can be used by the reds to accomplish their ends.” – Chapter Seven, Creating Hate, “Color, Communism, and Common Sense”

What was exposed by Mr. Johnson in 1958 is the exact same strategy and talking points we see today. However there have been some updates. In 1967, white communist Noel Ignatiev came up with a complimentary concept to systemic black oppression called “white privilege”. If you’re white, as a majority in this nation are, an inherently racist system benefits you by keeping non-whites down. In fact, you’re inherently racist too, and responsible for the slavery of 150 years ago. When minorities believe this, anger is heightened. When whites fall for it, white guilt occurs, evidenced by the self-loathing some have for their skin pigmentation and the heritage that bore them.

“Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?” – Thomas Sowell

One more excerpt from “Color, Communism, and Common Sense”, a relevant modern edit with my comments in parenthesis.

“Already, under the guise of “struggling for Negro rights,” they (Black Lives Matter) have created all the explosive material for racial violence by making impossible demands, resisting sane and just decisions, opposing compromise and adjustment and demanding that everything must be done forthwith or not at all (not at all no longer an option).

They (Black Lives Matter) have no love for their own people. They have no love for America. Naturally, they get the Kremlin’s (globalist’s) support and approval. Feeling frustrated and inferior, they run to communism and civil disobedience in their folly. They play Moscow’s (Satan’s) game and they deserve whatever red reward that is due them.” – Chapter Ten, Wisdom Needed, Color, Communism, and Common Sense”

Kneeling during the National Anthem, burning the flag, tearing down statues and like behaviors are about obliterating symbols of our heritage and history. You see, Western Civilization and the foundation it’s built upon, Christianity, are the ultimate targets of the revolution. Realize though, our spiritual rebellion as a nation against God has brought about the physical revolution we’re experiencing. There are only small pockets of Christianity left in this wicked nation. Is it worth saving? We ultimately deserve what’s happening. Repentance, sackcloth and ashes, is the only thing that could possibly remove God’s imminent and occurring judgment. But that’s not happening is it, further embracement of evil’s happening. Having sown the wind, we’re finally reaping the whirlwind. Despite this, our Christian witness, principles and responsibilities remain. The lost remain in need of the Savior.

“Love is to be sincere and active [the real thing—without guile and hypocrisy]. Hate what is evil [detest all ungodliness, do not tolerate wickedness]; hold on tightly to what is good.” (Romans 12:9) AMP

Defend the faith, yourself, your family, your home, and if necessary, your neighborhood and community from the violently wicked. Be on your guard. Be ready.

Those that have bowed knee to the revolution in the secular world have effectively joined it, as have those in the church who platform and support it. If this communist, Social Justice obsession with racism is being taught in your church, take a lead from comrade pastor, organize and remove them, or find another church.

“Woe to the world for such temptations to sin and influences to do wrong! It is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the person on whose account or by whom the temptation comes!” (Matthew 18:7) AMPC

To those who take a knee to show their disdain for a nation and those who bow before anarchists, revolutionaries, traitors, skin color, money, and all manner of the self-serving philosophies of men, your justice is indeed coming. I bow knee only to He by whom it comes. Ultimately, everyone will.

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:10-11)

Revolution over.

All Hail King Jesus!


12 thoughts on “Revolution USA: No Lives Matter

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  1. Excellent read. I agree with everything. The problem is your preaching to the choir. Not one liberal, godless person will read this because they are godless and want to believe in the lie. To believe this, there would have to be a renewing of the mind, and that would produce behavior changes! Not going to happen! But great read! Thank you!


    1. Thank you for your response. There are some in the choir who might not know the history of Black Lives Matter or the Marxist plans to use race as a divide and conquer strategy. Perhaps a family member or friend can share this info with deceived loved ones who might listen. God Bless


  2. I completely agree with your article. I’m off to educate myself a bit more on the history of BLM and to continue to spread God’s love and word. Thank you for opening my eyes!!


  3. Seemed like a spot on article. We seem to collectively know the accuracy of such articles as this. What is missing is the piece where we can engage and join up with others to overcome this chaos on the part of so few. We all have lives to live so it’s not like we can stop our lives and do this and that and then once that is through get on with life again. We rely on leaders to do the moral and ethical things and when they don’t they take us to the brink because now we have to do something or we die. If our conservative leaders would lead then this stuff would clear up pretty quickly once people are so informed through experience or the preferred method, reading about the criminal movements and doing something before we have to take up arms. The biggest missing piece across america is the conservative leadership is simply… not leading.


    1. This lack of action on the part of conservative leaders calls for new, principled leadership. Finding, supporting or being those leaders. Organizing and leading community groups as a start. Now’s the time to be having conversations with like-minded people that you know and trust for mutual aid and protection, if needs be.


    2. Or the church for that matter, who are not teaching, not reaching, not speaking out or spreading the Love of Christ, and not specifically the pastors but ALL of Christ’s children need to be doing their jobs!~


  4. People who reject Jesus pay for it in the next life burning in hell. But nations that reject Jesus don’t have an eternal soul, so they have to pay as a nation in this life.


  5. Great read. Spot on. It is the sort of message that needs to be shouted from every pulpit and political microphone but due to compromising and/or cowardly pastors and politicians, it won’t be. As I understand prophetic Scripture, even though Christians/Christianity will ultimately win the war, we will not win this battle. As surely as God has promised the return of His Son, He has also promised the appearing of the Anti-Christ first and his short-lived world rulership.When Moses ventured down from the Mountain with the Law and saw the children of Israel worshippiing the golden calf, he gave them an ultimatum, “Whosoever is on the Lord’s side, come over to me.” Those that did not were judged. God is moving to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff. He is forcing weak-kneed, spaghetti-spined, compromising Christians to choose. Choose this world and you will live – at least for a while or choose Him and pay for that choice with the loss of every idol that we currently trust – our jobs, our community standing, family, entertainment, freedoms, possessions and even our very lives. God allows us the freewill to choose but the consequences of each choice are immutable. Give in to fear, choose this world and, as stated before, you may live for a while but will face the judgment of God here and the wrath of God in eternity. But, let go of this world and it’s perishing, shiny objects and choose God and you will face the short- lived wrath of evil men but enjoy the blessings of God for eternity.


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