Where are the Adults?

Today’s culture is running wild like we have never seen before in America. We have marriage completely redefined, mothers who are proud of murdering their children, and mobs of people screaming for an economic system that is opposite of what built the most successful economy the world has ever seen. Truly, our culture is spinning out of control and has left many of us wondering to ourselves, “where are the adults in this world?” When I ask myself that question, I cannot help but notice that there is a family dynamic in our culture that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. This family dynamic is not a healthy dynamic nor is it a traditional one. The current family dynamic that we have going on is made up of two types of people while we are desperately desiring what our culture needs. What our culture needs is a responsible parent to tell all of the unruly children they cannot have it their way.


In this family dynamic, as mentioned, we have two types of people in our culture. The first is the liberal. Liberals, in the family dynamic, are unruly children who have never had any discipline in their life other than a short timeout here and there. These children demand that they get whatever they want no matter what the consequences are or what it is destroying in our nation. If they want to redefine marriage and the sexual ethic that has been practiced by our nation since its founding, they scream and cry until they get their way. Just like a selfish child they are not content to get their way they also must have everyone giving affirmation to their decision, that is why we are told to “shut up and bake the cake” and are called “homophobes” if we simply disagree with homosexuality. As unruly children always get worse and worse if they go through life unpunished and not shown the proper way, so liberals have grown worse and worse. It only takes a moment to think on how our culture has progressed from Roe v. Wade to infanticide to understand this. In the desire to have every opportunity to escape responsibility, the unruly children of our culture (liberals) have shouted and successfully gotten their way on allowing children outside the womb to be left for dead so that they can escape the responsibility of parenthood. Just as a child desires to eat pancakes for breakfast, candy for lunch, and ice cream for supper and thinks that their body will remain healthy so we have those in our culture who think we can have the “free” enjoyments of socialism and maintain the blessings of capitalism. The liberals in our culture act as unruly children who are in desperate need of a loving parent to tell them what is right and what is wrong and who will not give in to their demands.


This is where the conservatives come into the family dynamic. Instead of being responsible adults who do not let the children rule the house, conservatives are the weird selfish uncle who got called last minute to babysit. The weird uncle doesn’t care about the children he is watching he simply cares about his TV show in the basement and desires to not be disturbed by the children he is watching. Conservatives today play the role of the selfish weird uncle perfectly as they only care about their luxuries (TV show in the basement) and will only interact with the unruly children upstairs when things get really wild and out of control. The selfish weird uncle’s interactions are not real interactions though, he merely yells at the children to quiet down so he can watch his TV show uninterrupted. This is exactly how conservatives have treated liberals, they have stayed silent until things got really crazy then they shout for the liberals to quiet down. Conservatives today do not want infanticide, but they would be content with 20-week abortions. Conservatives do not want their cake shops to be sued, but they really have no issue with homosexuality. Conservatives do not want our nation to be completely socialist, but they do not want to completely repeal Obamacare. As long as the children are not burning the house down the weird uncle simply doesn’t care. As long as liberals are not lighting our culture on fire conservatives don’t really care.


The problem in our culture today is on both sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives need to take responsibility and become responsible adults and quit complaining about the situation they are in and instead realize it is their responsibility to fix it. Liberals need to be corrected for our culture is about to have a generation of full grown brats who do not know how to rightly behave. This brings me to the great question, where are the adults in this world? I believe the most natural place to find adults who can correct our culture are in the churches. We need Christians to step up and train the weird uncles how to deal with unruly children and we need Christians to deal with these children. Remember, you do not argue with a 3 year old, you tell the 3 year old what is right and what is wrong. If the child refuses to comply to the rules you discipline the child. What is the greatest discipline we have in this culture? It is that we can vote people in and out of office. As Christians, we are still a great and powerful voting block in this nation (the greatest voting block) we must vote the unruly children out of power and frankly if the weird uncles do not listen to us we must also vote them out. We must vote for leaders who have Exodus 18:21 qualifications. “Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.” Our nation is depending upon it!


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