The Shining Light Podcast: #55 Exposing Christian Hedonism

In this episode, Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett go over what is wrong with Christian Hedonism. Follow us on iTunes

3 thoughts on “The Shining Light Podcast: #55 Exposing Christian Hedonism

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  1. Keep up the good work exposing false teachings!
    It’s hard to believe that is where we are heading as a society. The crazy political and false religion pushes for anything but God. We continue to create our own golden calf! (remember how that worked out for God’s people)

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  2. I could be wrong but this doesn’t sound like hedonism to me.–JiiuJNvt4
    We need to be wary of shooting at sheep. Nobody has it all. There is a difference between a bad teacher and a bad teaching. I don’t think John Piper is a bad teacher.
    Any one of us could be found in the crosshairs of our fellow Christians if they look hard enough to find something flawed to point at. Grace, my brothers. You need it. I need it. Correct lovingly. Save your ammo for the real wolves.


    1. I suggest reading “Christian Hedonism? A Biblical examination of John Piper’s teaching” by ES Williams. Piper’s advocacy of Contemplative Prayer which comes from the Catholic mysticism of the “Desert Fathers” is based in Gnosticism, not the Bible. There are other things as well but the point is made. The video you linked to shows John Piper at his best, passionate and a good communicator. It’s a PR piece. Piper says some good things, all false teachers do. It’s the bait concealing the hook. Oh that he would use his talents for biblical teaching.


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