Playlist: The Christian and Government

This is a playlist of some of the best of the Shining Light Podcast on the Christian's relationship with the government. Get your Copy of Social Injustice Today!         Here is the list: EXPLAINING THE FIRST AMENDMENT GUN CONTROL ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CAPITALISM WHAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF A LIBERAL?

The Shining Light Podcast: #12 Illegal Immigration

Enjoy as Pastor Sam and Patrick "No Compromise with Evil" Wyett discuss what the Bible says about Illegal immigration and how to be rightly compassionate concerning this issue. Find us on iTunes  Illegal Immigration in Light of the Great Commission Russell Moore calls Jesus "A so-called illegal immigrant"

Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

I listened to Michael Wilburn’s sermon, titled “Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity” which he gave at the GARBC Conference. It’s important to know who you’re giving your time and attention to. Mr. Wilburn is pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., and studies leadership at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Al Mohler is president of the... Continue Reading →

The Stupid Conservative

I first want to apologize for the strong implication of the title of this post, but I am afraid that most conservatives do more damage to their cause than they could ever realize. I am a conservative in every implication of the word, I am pro-life, for our right to bear arms, against illegal immigration... Continue Reading →

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