Violence in America, What’s Changed?

Lawlessness is the growing rule of our day. Recent acts of evil in El Paso and Dayton once again focus our attention on violence in America. Those with an agenda know that mass shootings make headlines and are quite effective at stirring emotions for political cause. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.... Continue Reading →

Gun Control: Comply or Resist?

You’ve might’ve given this question at least a brief reflection. I’ve seen the topic discussed online and heard it in passing conversations. From a Christian perspective, what should we do in light of an increasingly violent world and in the face of encroaching tyranny? I have prayed much about this article, that it be worded as... Continue Reading →

So Gun Control?

The discussion of our right to bear arms and gun control has come up quite a bit recently in our culture. The question we should be asking as christians is, “what does the Bible say about the topic?” As many people have pointed out to me, the Bible does not, in fact, mention the word... Continue Reading →

The Stupid Conservative

I first want to apologize for the strong implication of the title of this post, but I am afraid that most conservatives do more damage to their cause than they could ever realize. I am a conservative in every implication of the word, I am pro-life, for our right to bear arms, against illegal immigration... Continue Reading →

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