Pastor Sam Jones


Pastor Sam completed an intense pastoral internship at Hagerman Baptist Church and served as a chaplain at Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls, Iowa before accepting the call to pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Hudson, Iowa. He loves people and his goal is to make disciples of Christ by personally, prayerfully, and persistently investing the Word of God into others.

Patrick (nocompromisewithevil) Wyett

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Patrick Wyett is a former oversees defense contractor, Christian speaker and writer whose articles have been published on multiple websites around the world. As an author, he has contributed a chapter to the book  “Social Injustice” , and is writing, “Darkened Pulpits; The History and Hirelings of Social Justice” due out 2020. Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett also co-hosts both the “The Shining Light Podcast” (you can find it on iTunes, Worldview Weekend Radio, and and “In Defense of the Republic” on Worldview Weekend TV. Patrick’s writing topics include Geo-Political issues as they relate to Christianity, Prophecy, Islam, and exposing Apostasy.