Darkened Pulpits Pre-orders start today!

Click on trailer below! Save 20% off of cover price between February 7th to February 20th exclusively at lsotpublishing.com   Don’t miss your chance to save! Book officially launches on February 21st. Book Synopsis The Bible warns that the last days will be a time of great apostasy. What lie is so mesmerizing that it... Continue Reading →

May a Christian Vote For a Democrat?

May a Christian vote for a Democrat? This is a question that has come to the forefront of our society. Before we answer that question, I do want to elaborate on the question being asked. I am not asking if a Christian can vote for a Democrat, the word can speaks to ability. Of course, every Christian who... Continue Reading →

Playlist: Pietism

This is a playlist on what you need to know about Pietism! Get your copy of Social Injusticetoday! Here is the List: Romans 13 Pietism Part 1 Pietism Part 2 Pietism Part 3

Souther Baptist Professor and a Dangerous Dissertation

Does Dr. Dominick S. Hernández affirm Higher Criticism? This question was raised in an interview of Dr. Russell Fuller on the popular podcast and YouTube channel Conversations That Matter (hosted by Jon Harris). The next day Southern Baptist Theological Seminary responded with their own interview where Dr. Hernández attempts to affirm orthodox hermeneutical principles and answer some of... Continue Reading →

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