Violence in America, What’s Changed?

Lawlessness is the growing rule of our day. Recent acts of evil in El Paso and Dayton once again focus our attention on violence in America. Those with an agenda know that mass shootings make headlines and are quite effective at stirring emotions for political cause. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.... Continue Reading →

Why the Democrat Collusion Delusion?

You may be wondering why so much time and money has been spent on groundless claims of Donald Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 US presidential race. Further, why do Democrats, along with their media and Hollywood allies, continue to throw this accusation around despite the failure of liberal political operative Robert Mueller’s... Continue Reading →

Where are the Adults?

Today’s culture is running wild like we have never seen before in America. We have marriage completely redefined, mothers who are proud of murdering their children, and mobs of people screaming for an economic system that is opposite of what built the most successful economy the world has ever seen. Truly, our culture is spinning... Continue Reading →

Murdering Babies Part 2: Are Judges Above the Law?

In “Murdering Babies Part 1; Can Judges Make Laws?” the constitutionality of judicial review was questioned. Judicial Review is the theory that judges/courts can strike down laws as “unconstitutional” and also thwart presidential policies by decree. To some, this sounds good. What if the president or Congress becomes tyrannical? Judges, up to the Supreme Court,... Continue Reading →

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