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Book Synopsis

The Bible warns that the last days will be a time of great apostasy. What lie is so mesmerizing that it misleads multitudes of professing believers into the maw of evil? The answer is before us today, not being a single deception but a convergence of false teachings bannered under the label of “Social Justice”. Social justice merges morally depraved liberalism with atheistic Marxism; assuring us that we can be a “follower” of Jesus while simultaneously indulging the ideologies of God haters like Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud.

To fully grasp the malignancy of the social justice infection within the Body of Christ, a factual exploration of its origins, goals, and the motivations of those who’ve brought social justice from inception to growing acceptance has been undertaken in “Darkened Pulpits; The History and Hirelings of Social Justice.” The seemingly unrelated dots have been identified, researched, and connected, revealing Satan’s master plan of deception at the end of human history.

Book Recommendations

    “Darkened Pulpits is a must read for all Pastors and congregations. I heartily recommend this monumental work. It is the most complete presentation of the current apostasies influencing the church. These heretical teachings, which span the whole gamut of anti-God philosophies, are explained in detail and contrasted with sound Biblical theology. Patrick Wyett has researched well these philosophies and their historic backgrounds. He has included a large number of Scripture references defending sound Biblical truth. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this work with regard to the current failing state of the church as well as the moral decline of society as a whole.”

-Pastor Gary Glenney  
Portland Bible Church, Vancouver, Washington


    “If you want to know how America has fallen to its current low point of social, moral, and spiritual decline, Patrick Wyett has done the research as to why/how then methodically and clearly presents it in Darkened Pulpits. How we have gone from Point A to point B is thoroughly explained. I have known Patrick for a good number of years and he is truly a Christian patriot with a keen mind and real love of freedom and Jesus Christ.  If even a few good citizens would read this book they would understand what is happening and perhaps rise up in confession, supplications, prayers and fasting for this nation. The book is full of historical data with sources and Scripture. I whole-heartedly recommend this much needed book.”

-Ron Kutz
Pastor and educator of 35 plus yrs. in Wisconsin


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