Darkened Pulpits has arrived!

Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett here with a couple of big announcements. First of all, you probably know that Pastor Sam and I have been talking about my upcoming book, “Darkened Pulpits; The History and Hirelings of Social Justice,” for quite a while. As you might have guessed, Pastor Sam got a sneak preview and has been gracious enough to pen the following endorsement of Darkened Pulpits:

“Darkened Pulpits is the most comprehensive book on the topic of Social Justice in the market! Patrick brilliantly explains Social Justice from a philosophical and historical perspective so the reader can understand the school of thought that Social Justice came from, and how it made its way into the church. This work also tackles the issues of Social Justice so everyone can understand it from a systematic point of view. Setting this book apart from other works, is that it names the names of those who are current promulgators of Social Justice. Darkened Pulpits is a must read to understand the current affairs of the church as well as society at large! – Pastor Sam Jones

Social justice is everywhere, being openly taught in schools, proudly proclaimed by the mass media, championed by social media and has become so socially prevalent that it’s co-opted the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, even NASCAR, to promote it. The Body of Christ is likewise afflicted, with many of today’s wolves in sheep’s clothing correspondingly wearing the badge of Social Justice Warrior. Three years ago I was asked if I could recommend a book on social justice that could help a man explain social justice to his pastor and fellow congregants. At the time I honestly couldn’t, but now I can. It’s my pleasure to inform you that after five years of research and writing, 379 pages and 26 chapters, Darkened Pulpits is finally available. After reading Darkened Pulpits there will be no misunderstandings as to the origins, methods, goals and overriding evil intent of social justice. As a citizen, you need to know this. As a Christian, you must know this.

Save 20% off of cover price during the pre-order period of February 7th to February 20th. Darkened Pulpits will officially go on sale February 21st in both paperback and hardcover editions. Available exclusively at Lampstand of Truth Publishing.

Which leads to my second big announcement. I have started my own publishing company: Lampstand of Truth Publishing.

It is the goal of Lampstand of Truth Publishing to establish itself as a trusted source for biblical books and articles premised from a traditional dispensational point of view. With so many winds of doctrine blowing to and fro, LSOT Publishing is anchored to the proposition that biblical and historic truths remain truth no matter what the prevailing popular opinion. Our worldview is unapologetically Christian, traditional, conservative. Although our mission is to minister to believers seeking truth, we also strive to inform non-believers who are sincerely seeking answers.

As a new publisher, we are excited to be building an inventory of original content by a variety of like-minded pastors and teachers. Our books and articles will contain important theological topics, sound doctrinal principles, essentials of Christian living—including distinctions between justification and sanctification, issues affecting the church and a Bible-based Geo-political analysis of unfolding end-times events.

You can count on us to provide relevant, researched Christian books and articles that you can trust. You know me, no compromise!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at lampstandoftruthpublishing.com/newsletter to stay connected and up to date as we introduce new writers, articles, books and a podcast to our website.

You can also follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/LSOTPublishing to be a part of the ongoing discussion on what’s trending at Lampstand of Truth Publishing.

Any questions or comments? Email me at: patrick@lsotpublishing.com

All for the glory of Christ!

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