The Shining Light Podcast: #127 5 Steps to Kill a Nation

In this podcast Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett discuss Pastor Sam’s book 5 Steps to Kill a Nation: And How to Stop the Bleeding. Get your copy today for $20!

Here is what Dr. Mike Spaulding had to say about the book: “In Pastor Sam Jones’ new book 5 Steps to Kill a Nation, he forcefully argues that a republic cannot stand without a citizenry of moral and virtuous people guiding the cultural mores and checking the public servants when they stray from the Biblical principles upon which these United States were formed. These citizens must have a common and objective ethical standard on which to base their shared lives and prosperity. Christianity is that foundation upon which the Founding Fathers depended on to guide Americans through the treacherous waters of self-governance.”- Dr. Mike Spaulding.

The 5 Steps are:

1. Forget God

2. Destroy the Family

3. Devalue Life

4. Take What isn’t Yours

5. Hate Your Neighbor

The discussion in this episode largely goes over step 3 and step 5 as they are Pastor Sam’s favorite chapters of the book!

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