The Tentacles of the Tyrant

In the United States tyranny is upon us. We have seen our rights come under great scrutiny for our own safety, as William Pitt said, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” Through the pleas of safety, or necessity, our freedom has been infringed by the tyrant and sadly we have heard the cry of slaves who trust the will of their master – the state – more than they trust their own self-governance. How can tyranny be in the United States and how is it that many have willfully forged their own chains? There are several facets to the answer of that question, but one that is often not considered is the far-reaching tentacles of the tyrant. Every tyrant that has been uncovered in 2020 seems to have birthed three more tyrants with each wave of their golden scepter. In this article we will examine how these tentacles have multiplied and some of the places they reach, but first I want to examine why this approach was necessary. 

The shadow of tyranny has long been cast over the United States, but until 2020 it seemed that is all it was, a shadow of things to come. This shadow moved slow and barely seemed to cover the great light of liberty, but it was there. The Rev. Jonathan Mayhew warned us of the general nature of tyranny when he said, “Civil tyranny is usually small at the beginning, like ‘the drop of a bucket,’ till at length, like a mighty torrent, or the raging waves of the sea, it bears down all before it, and deluges whole countries and empires.” We have come to the place where it is no longer a drop in the bucket, but a raging torrent. Yet, we cannot name a singular tyrant who is to blame but a great many in a team of tyrants. 

Due to the ingrained nature of Americans it was necessary to have a team of tyrants as opposed to a singular tyrant who, by force, would turn the citizenry into subjects. The shadow of tyranny that was cast over our nation reflected as much. The drops of tyranny generally came from the Supreme Court as a band of oligarchs instead of a singular tyrant. Judicial supremacy took hold of our nation by making mockery of our republic by kicking the legs out from our representative republic. Long gone are the days when the chosen representatives of the people made the laws of the land, through one judicial decree after another the shadow of tyranny was cast over this great land! 

While the oligarchs were flexing their muscles and gaining ground with each decision rendered from the judge’s bench, the aspiring slave masters were hard at work sowing the seeds of lies. The great lie they told was that we are a democracy. This lie was told from both sides of the political behemoths. Republicans and Democrats repeatedly told us that we are a democracy and with each utterance of this lie our constitution was undercut and eroded as people were conditioned that it was the majority who dictated what was right and what was wrong for our society. America was founded on a hatred of democracy or what was sometimes referred to as mobocracy. A democracy by nature is opposed to inalienable rights as a democracy ebbs and flows with opinion of the majority. 

This is what set the scene for the tyranny of 2020. Americans had been conditioned to trust multiple voices, especially those who would claim expertise, like the judges. Instead of holding to principles that had founded the nation and instead of holding fast to rights that our founding fathers observed were God given, we were ready to have the tyrant’s tentacles reach out and choke out our liberty. 

It was perhaps unsurprising that in New York, California, and other places there appeared tyrants who were longing for an opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty that COVID19 presented and unleashed their inner tyrant, but it was surprising what would happen next. With few exceptions almost every state would have a tyrant try to establish a throne. Most of these tyrants would succeed on one level or another. This caused an interesting and sad reaction from most of those who had branded themselves as conservative voices. Those who America had looked to for a conservative voice almost unanimously started grading tyranny on a curve. Take my home state – Iowa – for an example. After the COVID19 panic hit in early spring Governor Kim Reynolds called an emergency declaration and, for all intents and purposes, placed a crown upon her head. She shut down churches for six weeks, closed many businesses, and blatantly abridged the right to peaceably assemble. The response from one of the most conservative voices in national media – Steve Deace – was to put on kiddy gloves and proclaim that Governor Reynolds received a passing grade because she had done better than most of the other governors. I present to you the same critique I presented him; shall we grade tyranny on a curve? 

We must not grade tyranny on a curve because of the great many tentacles and far reach that tyranny has. As governors became drunk with power, the smaller aspiring tyrants soon found their boldness as they followed their governor’s lead. In Iowa (one of the “better” states) we immediately found home improvement store require masks and banning anyone who wouldn’t wear one from their store. We then were witnesses to mayors grabbing all of the power they possibly could, in Waterloo the Mayor essentially made the police force his private army with his emergency declaration. The tyranny continued to spread to city councils. In the town of my residence, Hudson, the city council declared a mask mandate that requires you to wear a mask in your own car if you are giving someone outside of your household a ride. 

In Iowa we have an ongoing emergency declaration that has no end in sight, and there is basically no realistic way to end it. This makes our legislators nothing more than cute puppets who will make laws that are all under the great queen of Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds. As our legislators get ready to go back into session, I can’t help but think that they are merely playing a pretend game of politics as they have no practical authority or power to do anything under the emergency proclamation. As our Governor continues to give into the temptation of tyranny it emboldens smaller tyrants to act in a similar manner. Take our dishonorable Sheriff, Tony Thompson. During the six-week shutdown of churches he went on the rampage to call out and shame a local church, who actually was abiding by the guidelines the Governor set, but handed out small individually wrapped donuts drive through style as they held a parking lot service. Yet, they were publicly ridiculed by this small and petty tyrant.

Iowa isn’t nearly as oppressive of a land as California or New Jersey or even other midwestern states like Wisconsin and Ohio. Yet, there is plenty of tyranny in Iowa. I use the example of Iowa for two reasons, 1. I am most familiar with my home state and 2. Because it is important to see the tyranny in a middle of America red state. 

The tentacles of the tyrant reach to your church life, where and how you shop, to your business, all the way to what you wear in your car while you give a friend a ride. The reach is far and wide effecting nearly every area of our life as tyrants fail to recognize the different between civil and self-governance. With a surrender here and a compromise there we have lost many liberties we once had. 

With no tyrant stepping up and acting like Hitler, thus far, we have graded tyranny on a curve and that has emboldened many smaller tyrants. At this moment we are not losing our freedoms by singular brute force, but by a team of several smaller tyrants. The loss of freedom never ends well, and it doesn’t matter if you lose it from a singular force or chocked out by the many tentacles from the spirit of tyranny. 

What we must do in America is remember the words and adopt the character of our founding father Samuel Adams who said, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” It is time for true patriots to separate themselves from content subjects, and it is time for us to defy tyrants and recapture our liberty!

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