The Shining Light Podcast: #77 Defending the Republic TV and Social Injustice Book

In this episode Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett give an update on recent projects. The Shining Light Podcast recently recorded the first 12 episodes of their soon to air TV show “Defending the Republic” that will be part of the Worldview Weekend Television lineup. They also had the opportunity to work on a book project that exposes Social Justice within Christianity. The Shining Light team encourages you to be watching for Defending the Republic TV and for the book Social Injustice! Follow us on iTunes and YouTube

Pre-order your Social Injustice Book today here! use the code: SAM to get a free audiobook!

2 thoughts on “The Shining Light Podcast: #77 Defending the Republic TV and Social Injustice Book

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  1. Hello Pastor Sam and Patrick,
    I have been listening to several of your podcasts lately and really enjoyed your interview with Trevor Loudon. Thanks too for teaching about Dispensationalism, which is much needed. I’m also interested in the book that is being written, Social Injustice. You may recall that I’ve been in Germany for the past 3 or so years, but I like to keep up with what is going on in the USA churches. Somehow that affects our “Evangelical” churches here too.

    I am concerned about the social justice issue and found it interesting as I was reading James 5 the other day. Have you noticed how James addressed the rich in verses 1-6? I can’t tell if these are supposed to be rich, disobedient church members, or more likely, rich unsaved oppressors of poor believers. I tend to think the latter, since in verse 7 he addresses the brethren. What is interesting is that James condemns the selfish, fraudulent and unjust dealings of these rich ones in no uncertain terms. He is doing his best to bring conviction for their social injustice so that they would repent, come to faith in Christ and begin to deal fairly. He ends verse 6 with the phrase, “… he does not resist you.”

    Then in addressing the brethren (7-11), does James call them to hit the streets in protesting oppression? No, he calls them to patience in waiting upon the return of the Lord. He calls them to maintain a good testimony to the evil world (v.9) reminding them that the true Judge is standing at the door. Then he encourages them with the example of the prophets and of Job.

    It seems to me that this passage puts “social injustice” in a proper perspective for New Testament believers. The Judge, Jesus Christ, will set all things in order upon His return. Our job is to get out the Gospel of saving grace through faith, and live godly lives of patience and endurance. Do you see this passage teaching these things, or am I off base?


    1. Hi Rick. Reading James 5:1-6, It appears to be addressing rich people who place their trust in their wealth and who covet riches so greatly that they would cheat even those who work for them. Money has more value to them than God, their faith is in money, not God. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 6:24) I think you’re spot-on verses 7-11. We are to be about our Father’s business regardless of our circumstances. Jesus indeed will bring justice when He returns to those who reject His love, grace, mercy and the gift of salvation He freely offers to all. God Bless you, Brother.


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