The Shining Light Podcast: #17 Capitalism

Enjoy as Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett discuss what the Bible says about capitalism.

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  1. Excellent work Sam and Patrick! I enjoyed listening to this work, especially as I am writing a paper on Marxism and socialism along with Capitalism for school. Now, I am a complete Capitalist, but are there any flaws to Capitalism? Teachers say there are, but I’m not convinced, so I turn to the Bible and you.


    1. Any system controlled by man is imperfect, yet the idea of capitalism; a person free being free to innovate, go into business for themselves or sell their labor to another and keep what they’ve earned is vastly superior to any other economic system. Totalitarian economic systems (monarchies and the various Marxist systems as example) forcibly take what others have earned (steal) and redistribute it through government edict. “Capitalism promotes greed” is one common charge against capitalism. Greed is a condition of the individual’s heart. It is not intrinsic to capitalism and certainly not exclusive to capitalists. I’ll note that assorted dictators and high government officials in, shall we say, non-capitalist systems, live quite lavishly while the bulk of the populations they control live on a pittance the government allows them to keep after they (government) has extracted their “share”. The capitalist knows, as the Bible promotes, that the individual is responsible for their own economic condition, not government, not society, not your neighbors. This is called individual or personal responsibility; a foreign concept to the collectivist.


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