The Shining Light Podcast: #14 Exposing Tim Keller and Living Out

Enjoy as Pastor Sam and Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett breakdown Tim Keller’s fourth message at the Living Out Conference. Find us on iTunes

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  1. So, Sam and Patrick, I have a question for you. Now this is not meant to come across as hostile, or disrespectful, but when the Bible says in Philippians 4:8 to think on good, noble and righteous things, how does warfare apply? I do believe in waging war when diplomatic attempts fail or there is no reasoning with the enemy, and defending your family and country is important. Does that justify how generals and soldiers implement bloody warfare tactics?


    1. Hey Daughter of Liberty,
      Great question! I am going to quote Abigail Adams in a letter to her husband John Adams when he was at the continental congress.

      “Did ever any Kingdom or State regain their Liberty, when once it was invaded without Blood shed? I cannot think of it without horror.
      Yet we are told that all the Misfortunes of Sparta were occasioned by their too great Sollicitude for present tranquility, and by an excessive love of peace they neglected the means of making it sure and lasting. They ought to have reflected says Polibius that as there is nothing more desirable, or advantages than peace, when founded in justice and honor, so there is nothing more shameful and at the same time more pernicious when attained by bad measures, and purchased at the price of liberty.”

      At times war is the good, noble, and righteous thing to do. Personally, I would have a difficult time going to war if an absolute (unalienable) right were not violated, but if one was violated or threatened by another nation, then I believe war would fit as a correct thought in Philippians 4:8. I agree with Abigail Adams that “I cannot think of it without horror”, but I also agree with her that “there is nothing more shameful” than peace gained at the price of liberty.

      Great questions! Keep them coming!


      1. Thank you Pastor Sam Jones! I whole heartedly agree. There has been too much of this as we await the coming of Jesus Christ, but it has (almost) all been necessary. I do so admire Abigail Adams.


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